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Salt of the earth... The description brings up the idea of a basic, fundamental goodness. It is with that concept, and a joke over drinks, that I named my company Salt. I wanted to bring my ideas of fundamental wardrobe staples that transcend time, are made of quality USA goods (be them organic/sustainable/deadstock), and are as timeless and necessary as salt.

The women I design for are those who understand that they shouldn't sacrifice the feeling of being capable to feel sexy. They know one can’t be capable without pockets – so every dress and skirt we make has ‘em – big ones. I design clothing for those people who inspire me. Who aren’t afraid to run for a trolley in 4” heels and will turn around when they get home and dig in their garden. Who make the decision to raise our next generation of rebels or to run powerful companies and movements (or that special woman who does all of it.)

I know every one of my vendors, their families, and their factories. Everything is handmade either in my studio in downtown LA or within a 20 minute drive. The people who make my clothing aren’t factories, they are families who have been working in the garment district with a combined 60 years of experience between them all.

I hope that when you put on my clothing and accessories you feel the spirit in which they are created- with love, fun, and the knowledge that clothing is the salt of the earth.