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Kara + Cupcake

When I started working with Kara she wanted a dress that wasn’t white. That’s all she knew. She described the work her husband does (a 3-D mapping specialist) and described fabrics and patterns that held her interest. One day during one of our design meetings she was looking at images from her mood board and she said that she wanted something no one else had seen before. So I jokingly said “Great. Then we’ll do a blue tie-dyed wedding dress.” And it stuck.

Working with an indigo and Shibori specialist in Los Angeles I created two types of Japanese tie-dye out of indigo. One fabric utilized a Itajime resist block print made out of a lightweight silk satin and the other fabric a lightweight silk organza that utilized the Arashi technique of Shibori. I layered these fabrics in order to create a type of moiré effect that recalled the work her husband does in a silhouette that was playful, carefree, and fun. Just like Kara.