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Cone Denim Heritage Work Apron

$100.00 / Sold Out

Made from one of the final run of Heritage Selvedge Denim from the White Oak Plant at Cone Denim this 13oz selvedge denim is your perfect mid-weight. Utilizing the waste selvedge into the perfect pockets that are double needle stitched down and reinforced means you can stuff them full of all the things you need! Red leather grommet accents are not only great color pops but are functional as they reinforce for long lasting wear and tear. Add a red leather riveted tool loop and you're good to go!

I designed the tie style of the apron from a 1930s railroad linesman apron. Rather than having a neck loop the tie crosses over the back balancing the weight across the shoulders rather than on your neck. The ties are then stitched and riveted providing years of wear.

Designed and made in 
Los Angeles, CA

Heritage 13oz Selvedge Cone Denim – 100% cotton

Machine wash hang dry